Important Platforms & Organizations

Training on how to use GHA911, WebEOC, and Everbridge can be found on or by emailing Mallory Garrett at


Here you can find our most up-to-date plans, meeting agendas / minutes / sign in sheets, AARs, statewide coalition calendar of events, information about all coalitions in Georgia

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WebEOC is an information management system used for information sharing and situational awareness during a real-world event or exercise. If your facility does not have a login, please reach out to

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Everbridge is a mass notification system the coalition uses to communicate important information to partners during an event or exercise. This platform is free and available to coalition members, if your facility does not have a login, please reach out to

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Training Registration System

We use the TRS system to list registration for meetings and training. Training around the state can also be found on the calendar. If you do not have a login, you can do so by creating an account from the home page.

You will need a FEMA SID to create an account, if you need to create one or find yours you can do so here.

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Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response

ASPR leads the nation’s medical and public health preparedness for, response to, and recovery from disasters and public health emergencies. ASPR collaborates with hospitals, healthcare coalitions, biotech firms, community members, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, and other partners across the country to improve readiness and response capabilities.

On the ASPR website, you can find a multitude of useful resources such as planning and exercise templates and information about the Hospital Preparedness Program

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UGA Institue for Disater Management

The Healthcare Coalition works closely with UGA’s IDM on things like exercises, budgets, and training.



The FEMA website offers many resources and independent study courses available online for free.

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Hospital Preparedness Program

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Important Maps


CMS Website  ASPR TRACIE CMS Resources

Strategic National Stockpile – Closed PODs

The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) is a national repository of medical supplies and medication stored for use during emergency situations such as a natural disaster or bioterrorism attack.

Closed Points of Dispensing (PODs) will play an important role in any situation where it is necessary to provide emergency medications. Traditional medical providers, such as hospitals and medical clinics, will likely be overwhelmed during a large-scale public health emergency

Why become a member?

When a disaster hits a community or region, healthcare systems will be impacted and may need to respond. When healthcare systems already have relationships, it is easier to work together to efficiently respond to the disaster. Coordinated regional planning will create a more prepared and resilient healthcare system. As a member, your agency will:

Build ties with healthcare organizations, emergency management agencies, & community partners.

Work together in the planning process to address regional preparedness gaps.

Gain access to training, exercises, and regional assets provided by Region E.

Join the Region E Healthcare Coalition!