Get to know us

The Region E Executive Committee is comprised of one representative from each of our core members: Hospital, Public Health, EMA, EMS, and Skilled Nursing. Together we go over plans, exercises, budgets, and other coalition duties by meeting each month. We take information from these meetings to share at each quarterly coalition meeting.

J. Phillip Carpenter
Healthcare Coalition Coordinator

Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center

Elisabeth Wilson
Healthcare Coalition Facilitator

Northeast Health District

Don Cargile
National EMS

C.J. Worden
Oconee County EMA

BJ Hollingsworth
Safety Officer

Brown Health and Rehabilitation

Josh Bowman
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Northeast Health District

Why become a member?

When a disaster hits a community or region, healthcare systems will be impacted and may need to respond. When healthcare systems already have relationships, it is easier to work together to efficiently respond to the disaster. Coordinated regional planning will create a more prepared and resilient healthcare system. As a member, your agency will:

Build ties with healthcare organizations, emergency management agencies, & community partners.

Work together in the planning process to address regional preparedness gaps.

Gain access to training, exercises, and regional assets provided by Region E.

Join the Region E Healthcare Coalition!