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Our coalition partners with the Medical Reserve Corps, an all-volunteer team that assists the community in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Volunteers from both medical and non-medical backgrounds are invited to join the Medical Reserve Corps to provide their unique expertise and skill sets during a public health crisis and help the community better prepare for and respond to a disaster. If you are interested in joining, submit your contact information below.

Interested in joining the Medical Reserve Corps?

You can help by becoming a volunteer!

In the event of a bioterrorist attack, pandemic, or other threat to public health, volunteers will beĀ critical.

As a volunteer, you will receive medication for yourself and your family first, before the rest of the community.

After ensuring you and your family are safe, you will help your neighbors get their medicine from a familiar location, such as a local school.

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Why become a member?

When a disaster hits a community or region, healthcare systems will be impacted and may need to respond. When healthcare systems already have relationships, it is easier to work together to efficiently respond to the disaster. Coordinated regional planning will create a more prepared and resilient healthcare system. As a member, your agency will:

Build ties with healthcare organizations, emergency management agencies, & community partners.

Work together in the planning process to address regional preparedness gaps.

Gain access to training, exercises, and regional assets provided by Region E.

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